April 12, 2018

Dear SCW diary

Man, what a great Mania weekend. We had so much good stuff I am still reeling. And I plan on watching a bunch of it over again tonight which is saying a lot. How cool. I love when wrestling is good. I love being excited about it. And I love how we always post a ton around mania. In 2012 we had 122 posts! That is crazy! Last year saw only 20 posts. That is sad. But this year is looking pretty good so far with 7 (not including this one). This is all getting me excited. So much that I am thinking about wrestling all the time.

Usually when I bum out I stay away from wrestling. Not sure why exactly. Maybe it is because I can't five it my full attention, or my full suspension of disbelief. But for some reason lately I have been using it as my escape. And I am positive you guys can relate. Things have been rough lately. Family stuff. It is nothing to worry about, just super shitty at times. But it is one of those things that will get better eventually. For now it sucks tho, and I am really looking forward to the time where things get better. 

My last post was so grumpy. I wasn't doing well at the time. So here are a few good things to make up for it...

GOOD THING 1 - The night of Takeover was also the first time my 5 1/2 year old niece (Emily) spent the night here (my parents house) on her own. She was so excited the whole night. Just a dorky kid. My sister and I were watching Takeover and Emily wanted to hang with us. It was so annoying. She kept getting in front of the tv and touching all my shit and talking. Annoying in the best way. She was just super funny. She was a little weirded out by people fighting so I had to smarten her up a bit. She still doesn't get it but it helped her not be freaked out. I told her they all were really friends and she liked that. She eventually realized that it was ok to boo and cheer the people. And from then on she got really into it. I even drew up her own Gargano sign that she would hold up and yell with endlessly. It was amazing. That is why I moved here, to be an uncle. My uncles all sucked and didn't give a shit about me at all. I am not going to be like that. So that night was kinda a dream for me.

GOOD THING 2 - I am not sure if I have told you guys about this, probably have, but my mom was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. It hasn't gotten to the chemo part yet but it has still been incredibly shitty. Well, on my mom's birthday last February she came back cancer free. And her checkup this past week was the same. How fucking cool. We all went nuts with those phone calls. No matter how bitchy or grumpy I get this always reminds me that life is pretty good.

GOOD THING 3 - I started seeing someone here. I didn't want to date, but I did anyway. I used tinder because it sucked having no friends and it is kinda fun. I like feeling uncomfortable. And tinder didn't disappoint. I went on the most weird, bizarre and bad first/last date ever. So that was cool. But lucky for me a few days later I had a great first date. And it has been nothing but great ever since then. She is cool and fun and has a sunny personality. And she has a positive disposition. I am pretty exited about it while trying to hold my horse(cock)s and not get ahead of myself. But she did watch the entirety of Mania with me so that says something right? I am happy, that is weird.

So there you go guys, a SCW post almost completely not about wrestling. How are you two doing? Let me know.


SCW Fantasy Draft 2018 Results

       Quarter Marshall                           Poncho Man                             Rusty Nickles         

1.    Daniel Bryan                                 Kevin Owens                            Johnny Gargano
2.    Shinsuke Nakamura                      AJ Styles                                   Aleister Black
3.    The Undisputed Era                      Alexa Bliss                                Rhonda Rousey
4.    Charlotte Flair                              The New Day                             No Way Jose
5.    Asuka                                            Brock Lesnar                             Bayley
6.    Samoa Joe                                     Kassius Ohno                            Authors of Pain
7.    The Usos                                       Balor Club                                 Elias
8.    Sami Zayn                                     The Broken Universe                Seth Rollins
9.    John Cena                                     Shayna Baszler                          Roman Reigns
10.  The Bar                                         Drew Gulak                               Tomasso Ciampa
11.  Rusev                                            The Iconics                                The Miztourage
12.  Triple H                                        Drake Younger                           Sasha Banks
13.  Benjamin/Gable                           Shawn Michaels                         Breezango
14.  Nicholas                                       Steve Corino                              Jinder Mahal
15.  William Regal                              Sarah Amato                              Mojo Rawley
16.  War Raiders                                  Mickie James                            Randy Orton
17.  Nikki Cross                                  Ricochet                                     Naomi
18.  Undertaker                                    EC3                                            Lars Sullivan
19.  Becky Lynch                                 Kairi Sane                                  Nia Jax
20.  Pete Dunne                                    Luke Harper                              Velveteen Dream
21.  Booker T                                       Braun Strowman                        Renee Young
22.  holograms                                     Mauro Renallo                           Tye Dillinger
23.  Nigel McGuinness                        Chris Jericho                              Ruby Riott
24.  Toni Storm                                    Paul Heyman                              Shane McMahon
25.  Neville                                          Absolution                                  Ember Moon
26.  Hideo Itami                                   Akira Tozawa                             Bobby Roode
27.  The Four Horsemen                      Titus Worldwide                        Dean Ambrose
28.  Cedric Alexander                          Michael PS Hayes                     Stephanie McMahon
29.  Alicia Fox                                      Goldust                                     Bobby Lashley
30.  Vince McMahon                            Tino Sabatelli w/Cane Hill       TM61

I thought it would take us a few days to get to 75, but we did 90 in two hours.  So fun.  The good Mania vibes are still flowin.  Who wants metrics?  Poncho has the deepest women's roster with 11, followed by Rusty at 9 (counting Renee), while I trail with 6.  I came out with the most men's tag teams with 5, Rusty's got 4, and Poncho 3.  Poncho has the most non-wrestlers by far with 7 plus Senor Benjamin, King Maxel, and a numetal band.  So maybe 14 total.  I got 6 and Rusty got 2.  I chose 18 babyfaces, 6 heels, and 6 neutrals.  Poncho chose 11 babyfaces, 14 heels, and 5 neutrals.  Rusty chose 20 babyfaces, 9 heels, and 1 neutral.  Rusty has the entire Shield.  Poncho has the most NXT talent with 7, although Rusty could've had 8 if 3 of his picks hadn't debuted on Raw this week.  I had the only non-human pick, unless the Broken Universe comes with a zoo of reincarnated generals and presidents.  Just like last time, nobody picked Dolph Ziggler or Baron Corbin.  There are a lot of great names we left on the table.  Carmella and Erick Rowan are the only current WWE title holders to not be chosen.  Poncho has 3.5 belts: both world champions, half of Smackdown tag team champions and the NXT women's champ.  Rusty has 4 belts: both midcard champions, the Raw women's champion, and the NXT champ.  I've got 4 belts: Cruiserweight, NXT North American, NXT tag team, and UK Champion.  (Raw tag titles are currently vacant.)  205 Live seems criminally under-utilized with only Gulak, Alexander, Tozawa and Neville on the board.  Feuds we could recreate... I've got Danielson and McGuinness.  Rusty has Gargano-Ciampa and Bayley-Sasha.  Poncho has Owens and Jericho (and seeing Owens and Corino on the same roster makes me warm inside).  Clearly, our promotions will all draw big dollars.  Pats on the back for everyone.

April 11, 2018

SCW Fantasy Draft 2018 Proposal

With all the Mania events behind us, and the Superstar Shakeup (tm) looming, I propose we do a fantasy draft.  Poncho and I did it in May 2016, right before the brand split, and it was really fun.  I remember Rusty bowed out because he was way behind.  No excuses this time buddy!  Here are the general guidelines:

We take turns picking.  Somebody goes first, then the next person, then the next, then the first person goes again, etc.  I don't know who should go first.  Actually, I have a die.  This will be totally fair.  I roll a... 6!  Poncho rolls a... 5!  Rusty rolls a... 3!  I swear that was legit.

Tag teams are a single pick, as long as they have a collective name.  For example, you couldn't pick the team of Pete Dunne and Roderick Strong, even though they were tagging for a little while.  Actually, Shelton and Gable don't have a name, but they tag together all the time, so that would be fine.  You guys get it.  3-Person factions also count as a single pick.  I don't think there are any 4-Person groups.  Managers count as a separate pick, so Rusev doesn't come with Aiden English, and Lesnar doesn't come with Heyman.

Anyone currently under contract with WWE is fair game.  Everyone in NXT, the main roster, or backstage people like Road Dogg and Poncho's friend Billy Kidman.

In 2016 we got to 34 picks each before we couldn't get any further- a total of 68 picks, which I'm pretty sure we did without looking up the rosters online.  There's a much bigger roster now, so I think we could each pick 25 for a total of 75.

We can use the Instagram chat thing to keep track, using the format like if I write "1 Fandango", Poncho would then post "1 Tyler Breeze" and Rusty "1 Naked Mideon".  Then I'd go "2 Street Profits", Poncho "2 Lars Sullivan", and Rusty "2 Viscera".  And on down the line, until Nick can't think of any more Corporate Ministry members.

Ya'll down?  I'm gonna shoot a "updated" text out now, and my first pick will be on Insta before ya know it.  Let's try to get it done before Raw on Monday, to see if Vince's picks are as interesting as ours are!