December 04, 2017

Rusty report featuring Mom

November 20, 2017

MMS: Enjoying Infamy

October 24, 2017

yeah i asked

yeah guys, I was getting all sentimental. Knowing that WWE was coming thru Portland and we werent going to go made me sad. That and some other stuff. So I was wondering how you two were doing. Here is my boring story.

In june I moved to Nampa Idaho. It was a trial run for just the summer to see what I thought about living here. All my family are really close and it was eating at me to live away from them. Especially my nieces and new nephew. So I came here to start over. Due to a million things I had to be in portland thru the summer to do (weddings, band stuff) I couldnt work here. So I spent the summer without really having friends, sitting in my room, watching wrestling and being bummed out. While back in portland to visit I would fill in at Gravy. The money I earned there funded my trips to the thrift stores where I constantly find good junk to buy. And that was about it for my summer. Having a lot of family time and just sitting around.

The family stuff was great. I love seeing everyone all the time and getting to be an uncle to the kids. That part is awesome. Not having friends or living in a boring town or being broke is not awesome. I kinda went nuts. every day I waffled back and forth on either staying or moving back to portland. It drove me insane. For the most part I am ok isn now. Somedays are better than others i guess.

My days where I am not working are pretty much all the same. I get up late, whenever i happen to wake up, and get coffee. Then I either catch up on raw or smackdown or put on something dumb and space out. I have worked out a lot this summer. When i am on a roll i go kick my ass on the treadmill, if I am in a unmotivated phase I just eat junk like a pig. Every other day my dad and I go to thrift stores and look at old garbage. Nampa is not cool at all so the thrift stores aint picked over. Also a lot of old mormon and christian people live here. That means that the thrift stores and full of vintage shit that is just my style. I almost never leave without something awesome. If I ever buy a house here I will be ably to furnish it like the most amazing museum of bad taste. My dream house.

hmmm what else? There is more sad shit to talk about but I can skip it. lets talk about wrestling. My parents have cable so i tape NJPW and watch random episodes in the living room every once in a while. My I showed my sister Omega vs Okada II and it blew her mind. NXT hasnt kept my atention lately but I still love it (that same sis and my brother in law started watching NXT at my suggestion and they are really into it which is cool). I think RAW has been pretty good for the most part for a while. Enzo is awesome. They have some good stories going. I should do an old school roster report one of these days to clear up my millions of thoughts on it. I watch Smackdown only for KO and Sami which are soooo good. Also every PPV has been good so far. Poncho and I text back and forth while watching them which makes it more fun. It reminds me of the old days where my friends and I would instant message chat with eachother whole watching smackdown in 1999.

I got into Smokey Mountain Wrestling this summer. It is good, old school wraslin which I love. Also lots of old WCW and WWF ppv's when I wanna space out. When I am not in the mood for wrestling I watch Unsolved Mysteries or some dateline episodes on youtube. I usually am high during those which makes them weirder.

Since I have been here I havent written a song at all. That will hopfully change soon because one of my best friends and I are starting a band here. Also once I make enough money I am planning on buying a computer good enough to record on, or even edit video on. If that happens I will probably be making some cool shit, maybe even a movie.

The hardest part of being here is being away from friends. You guys know that feeling I am sure. Even tho us three have pretty much always lived in different towns I feel so much farther away from you guys. It is hard. Even tho we mostly talk about wrestling I feel like we are all really supportive of each other and our little three way dance means a lot to me. As I am sure you guys know if you ever need anything at all I am always here, hanging above your ring, inn a shark cage, with keys in my trunks.