July 20, 2011

Rusty Report 7.20.2011

Lets get serious here. No smoke and mirrors, no editing, no music, no notes. I got on a 40 minute rampage all over the WWE. SO grab a Coke Zero and some melted ice cream and settle in. Somebody gonna get their ass kicked BROTHER!

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  1. 40 minutes without notes or music! And this is one of my favorite Rusty Reports.
    I went and checked out that Old School Wrestling Podcast episode you recommended. Very entertaining. Then I had to watch the match they were talking about, also entertaining. Terry Funk was hilarious the way he was working the crowd doing his "drunken stumble" towards the barbed wire. I want to be a Japanese style wrestling fan; I won't cheer or boo, just politely applaud the things I like. Well, that is pretty much what I do. I was clapping for everybody at the ECCW show, I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.