November 22, 2011

Rusty Nickles316: sloppy notes on Survivor Series and RAW


The ziggler and morrison match is great. The "We want Ryder!" chants are really annoying. I almost wanna fast forward thru the match so i dont have to listen to those lame fans chant about someone who is not CM Punk
HIGH SPOT Dolph being Dolph

After watching the Rock's awesome promo, randy orton looks even more lame and boring.

RKO takes on all the heals alone, Sin Cara botches a move and WWE shows it over and over, All the wrestlers standing around confused, more Ryder chants, this match is a mess so far.

HIGH SPOT Orton getting pinned

Did ADR just say that Punk looks like an occupy Wall St protester? That's the best burn ever

These people in the audience are horrible. I dont think you should ever chant BORING in a match
Sure, Henry and Show was a little boring. It was just slow. I like seeing these giants fight. And i liked the end of the match.
HIGH SPOT Big Show and the giant elbow

The beginning to the punk adr match was the most entertaining beginning that i have seen in a while. First King calls Ricardo's haircut a "Shemp haircut". Then we get the Fink AND CMPunk wearing a H2O shirt. Now, i dont know what H2O sounds like and i prolly dont like them but i do think it's cool that he is representing a band he likes.
It was a good match but i wasn't blown away. I think I kinda checked out because i was an hour and a half in and still had a lot more to go. That homework feeling was setting in.
HIGH SPOT - PUNK WINS!!! IN MSG!!! ADR LOSES and now can go back to being the badass heel he always was. He will not have to be the chickenshit wussy heel that the WWE has made him be. DOUBLE PLUS!!

So i dont have any doubt that miz and truth will win. But that doesn't matter. I still had a good time with this match. The most interesting part for me was watching the way that Rock and Cena worked the match together. I also loved how good Rock looked.

It was a fun match, cena got his ass kicked a lot and Rock took a nasty close line outside the ring. But in the end Rock wins and they close the PPV with a pose off. I was really hoping to see Nash ruin the match or Foley interrupt. SOMETHING to make it more than a normal tag match.

Enough PPV talkin. Lets move on to RAW

I liked Punks promo in the beginning o the show. I like knowing that he always was a real wrestling fan and has made it. I also liked John Laurenitis ruining everything. Hes flat voice and persona is funny to me. Dunno why but i like it.

ADR VS Zach Ryder
Joe was over while raw was on and admitted that he loves zach ryder. I just dont get it. I want to like every wrestler but i just don't understand all the hype behind this guy. Ill admit that i never have watched his internet show so that's prolly why im not a fan. It;s just his gimmick. I don't care for it. And i dont think it can sustain any kind of compelling feud. Am I just being a stick in the mud? I really want to know what you think.

We had a bunch of people over last night and kinda talked thru this whole match. I have a feeling that this match was amazing and plan to go back and watch it soon. Let me know if it's worth watching.

im not happy about this. I liked these two and i feel like it's way early to break them up. But i guess they did it because Truth is suspended for smoking fake pot or something. They could have done this in a much better way but oh well. What ya gonna do?

SO ....

What the hell happened to brodus clay? Where was the guest host? Did you catch the link to some cryptic video online? What was with that weird Kane promo? I cant wait for your show. Im relly interested in hearing your thoughts

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