May 05, 2012

Mat Classics: Unbreakable Redemption

After railing on Impact on the last Marshall Matters Show, I read an interview with Scott Steiner who was bashing the higher-ups at TNA (being Bischoff, Hogan, and Prichard) and it bummed me out because I used to really like TNA.  It seems so utterly fucked right now that it's depressing.  I've watched this week's Impact, and I certainly won't have anything to say about it on the next MMS, but I didn't want this week to go by without some kind of tribute to the floundering promotion, so here is this: the best TNA match that I've seen.

 AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe, Unbreakable, 2005


  1. I think I've seen this before, but I watched it again today at work. My thoughts today.....

    1. I wish all of these guys would jump ship.

    2. Daniels should have won. Poor booking.

    3. I wonder how much they practiced. Or was it really just that they'd all worked together so much.

    4. TNA blows because they mean well and they're trying sooooooo hard, but it's not cool. Austin Aries isn't in WWE now because he was he missed the boat on the CM Punk/DBD wave, and he's the only part of the show that matters. I think he's mad because he almost signed and they fired him or something.

    5. I'm drunk and commenting on wrestling at 11 at night. Thanks. I have no life and I'm an awesome human being.

  2. In response to #5, it could be worse, you could be watching Impact. Sober.