September 19, 2012



  1. Terry Funk is a good one. I'll try to find a good mat classic for him, I know I have some good material on my hard drive already. I don't think I would have stopped doing the Mat Classics if I'd ever gotten any feedback on them.

    I like the new Wade Barrett, but I do agree that he could have had a more impressive opponent than Justin Gabriel. Maybe Tensai would have been better. I really like Justin Gabriel, but being a smaller guy he didn't seem like that much of a threat, which lessened the force of the Barrage.

    I've been thinking about doing a Roster Madness program as well, it has been a while, but I haven't felt like it yet. I really liked making one right before the Royal Rumble, so I might just do them once a year around that time. As far as whether you should do a written one or a podcast one, I request a podcast one. I think that part of the fun of the roster madness thing is that there's much less prepared material. It can become kind of like a word association game. In writing, you have a chance to think things out more, which you may or may not want to do. So if you want to think things out more, do a written one, but if you'd rather let it all hang out, get batteries and do a podcast. But definitely get batteries because your computer sucks at recording.

    What's better TNA or NXT?
    Tie. TNA has higher highs and lower lows. With all the stupid shit they do, I can still count on AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Austin Aries to be awesome in the ring, and Bully Ray to kill on the mic. The new NXT is more consistent in tone, but part of that tone is having mediocre matches with under-experienced wrestlers. Even the really good wrestlers are brought down by the short match lengths and the cookie cutter booking/producing. The old FCW would often have 15 minute iron man matches which gave the talent an awesome opportunity to perform at their best. If that were reinstated (it was called the Jack Brisco 15 Championship) then NXT would stand a strong chance of being better than Impact.

  2. I'm totally down with commenting on everything!!! By the way...I'm sooo behind...the ole computer is still on the fritz (hopefully fixed this week) I honestly skip any mention of ROH or Chikara and have avoided all Evolve stuff like the plague (I still don't think Evolve 2 finished downloading btw). I read spoilers of the PPV on Sunday...I was sad to have to do that.

    I haven't watched TNA since I left my ole pizza job back in December. The last time I was excited for TNA was that weird ECW reunion PPV they did....which was mildly entertaining for the 3 hours and no money I spent on it. I've thought the booking was god awful basically since the Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle feud ended. It's gotten nothing but worse in my eyes. They have a lot of good talent there...always have. Problem with TNA is that all their top guys are people WWE built up...or guys that only true marks care about. Sorry...No one outside of wrestling fans truly care about AJ Styles and Chris Daniels. Fantastic workers/characters...but no one cares.

    I mostly like NXT because it's easy to's short...get to see some guys I've liked in the indies for awhile. There is character building. I guess I'm just really accepting of the format and don't care if the matches are short or just decent because I totally feel like I'm not getting shit shoveled at me like I do when I watch TNA.

    So really my answer is NXT. I know TNA has better wrestling...but it's really just inconvenient to watch something that seems so full of nonsense most of the time.